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We at the Law Firm Högman Ramos active in most areas of law and we are mainly specialized in:

  • Damages (legal counsel)
  • Immigration matters (asylum, family reunification, etc.).
  • Family law (custody and visitation issues, divorce, etc.).

Family law

There are times in life when one may need help to sort out the family relationships.
For example, when concluding a cohabitation relationship, divorces and even divorce, not all parties can agree, then a family lawyer can help you sort out what applies.


If you have been subjected to crimes in which the prison sentence is included in the penalty scale, you may be entitled to a plaintiff counselor, which the state wounds for the expenses for during the police investigation.

Social law

When taking care of children, the child / parents can appoint a public assistant to the administrative court.
The client is entitled to request the lawyer they themselves wish for.
We have long experience of this type of goal.

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